Zoom Practice Ideas + Exercises 🏀

20 personal development and mental training exercises for your athletes during COVID.

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COACH, are you looking for virtual practice ideas?

I know your athletes are struggling to stay engaged and motivated.

And you hesitate to hold a virtual practice that keeps them online longer than they already are.

You're searching for ways to get them physically AND mentally prepared for a possible season.

This guide for Basketball Coaches includes 20 Personal Development + Mental Training Exercises for your team. These can be done individually, in-person, or via Zoom.

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Not sure this is right for you? I get it, Coach. That's why I want to give you one of the exercises for free! Even if this is all you use, I hope it helps give you some ideas for your virtual sessions this season.

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⚡️ Taking Ownershi️p

⚡️ Confidence

⚡️️ Motivation

⚡️ Goal Setting

⚡️ Visualization + Self-talk

⚡️ Consistency + Routines

Each exercise includes:

🏀 Goal of the exercise

🏀 Short videos to introduce the concept (via YouTube)

🏀 Real-life athlete or team examples

🏀 Discussion questions for coach

🏀 Talking points for coach to answer the question, "how does this help my performance?"

🏀 Athlete worksheet(s)

6 categories 20 exercises < $1 each

Start planning today!




About Kadee

Hi there, I'm Kadee! I help coaches and parents instill confidence, increase consistency, and unleash the potential in their athletes through my work with Above the Game Mental Training.

I provide workshops and comprehensive seasonal programs for teams, as well as one-on-one and small group training for individual athletes.

I created this special Quarantine Team Basketball Challenge to reduce the stress and overwhelm many coaches (like you!) are facing by having to brainstorm how to connect and provide value to your players when you can't physically be together.

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