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You know they are good. Their talent consistently shows up in practice, but it doesn't always translate to the games.

My coaching services and resources will help your athletes reduce their fear of mistakes and increase their competitive confidence.

Does your athlete struggle with confidence?

Helping your athlete build confidence can be confusing, overwhelming and heartbreaking. but it doesn't have to be. We'll work together to take your athlete's game to the next level so they can show up consistently game after game.

Do you know the amount of stress that that goes into being an athlete? 

I do, because I was a collegiate athlete. And with the higher levels of competition comes the development of higher standards. 

This was also me. High standards, perfectionism, performance anxiety and fear of failure. These barriers got in the way of my athletic goals and I dropped out early on in my collegiate career because I had no idea there was a way to work through them. 

I don't want this to be your athlete. 

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Trusted by Coaches, Parents + Athletes

Trusted by Coaches, Parents + Athletes

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